PA Art Education Association 2018 Outstanding Special Needs Art Educator – Karen Rosenburg

    The art teacher of New Hope-Solebury High School, Karen Rosenburg, was recently awarded the Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) 2018 Outstanding Special Needs Art Educator at their annual conference.

    She also has been nominated for the National Outstanding Special Needs Art Educator Award.

    Karen’s career has taken her on a 20+year journey from visual arts educator to speaker and advocate for the special needs population.

    In this time as an artist and instructor she has taught thousands of children, and has always had a keen interest in working with children and young adults with special needs.

    Karen graduated with an MA in Art Education with an emphasis in Special Populations from Moore College of Art and Design.

    Her thesis focused on using therapy dogs in the classroom with autistic students.

    She approached her high school principal about this venture, citing the soothing effects of animals on special communities, and he allowed her to bring her Chocolate Labrador named Pax into her classroom.

    Pax soon joined the school staff as a therapy dog in the art room and his impact on the school community was instant.

    Karen and her dog have brought a much needed awareness and education to the New Hope–Solebury community.

    Karen teaches visual arts and ceramics at New Hope–Solebury High School, where she assisted in The Hope and Sole Cafe, a coffee shop run by Autism Support Students.

    She serves as the arts curriculum liaison, ensuring that all students in her district are included in art-making experiences and was the faculty advisor to the Gay Straight Alliance club.

    Additionally she has worked with the Devereux Foundation, a residential treatment facility for males with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences, and consulted with the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    Professional presentations of her work with autism education include the Kennedy Center VSA intersection, the Arts and Special Education Conference in Austin, TX, the Council for Exceptional Children Conference in Tampa, FL, and at an Arts, and Education Conference in Helsinki, Finland.

    PHOTO CAP: Karen Rosenburg