Artists of Blue Velvet ensure the very best lifelong tattoo investment

by Tianna G. Hansen

When you get a tattoo, you’re making a lifetime commitment – purchasing a lifelong investment that will remain with you for the rest of your years.

You want to love what goes on your body and you want to trust the artist marking your skin permanently.

Artists of Blue Velvet, located at 132 E. Maple Avenue in Langhorne, is the ideal place to go.

With a handful of talented artists including Julia Carlson, Rafael Serrano, Nicole Sobeck, Dante Almodovar, and Cheyenne Creyaufmiller, you’ll have a wide selection to choose from when seeking your newest tattoo or piercing.

Each artist has his/her own specialty and has worked in the industry for a number of years.

“We know how to cater to clients even if someone isn’t completely sure what they want – if you have a picture in your mind and bring in certain photos for us or have a particular style in mind, we take the time to get an idea of your design,” said Julia.

Your artist will draw out the tattoo for your appointment so you can view when you come in and any changes will be made at the time of your appointment – they won’t begin tattooing until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

“More than that, we will guide you,” Julia says. “If you’re dead-set on something but perhaps it won’t age well or isn’t the best long-term decision, we will guide you in the right direction.”

Artists of Blue Velvet are there to provide you with a beautiful piece of artwork you can treasure for eternity.

“Our focus is on educating you and making sure your tattoo will retain its quality.”

Whether you’re seeking a traditional style tattoo, neo-traditional (using line work but colored and shaded to look a little more realistic), realism, black and gray, or watercolor, Blue Velvet has the artist for you!

They also do piercings and cosmetic tattooing such as micro-blading eyebrows or powder fill using the highest quality pigment.

“Even with our regular tattooing, we pride ourselves on using the best quality ink and needles on the market. We don’t compromise supplies for cost – we stick to the best so we can provide the best tattoo.”

Rafael and Julia have been tattooing the longest and both require an appointment.

You can do a walk-in with one of the other artists.

In the event that you need a touch-up (life happens!), you can always come in within the first year for a free touch-up.

Artists of Blue Velvet want you to be perfectly satisfied with your investment, and they’ll leave you with the highest care as well.

Every tattoo requires a different after-care process and Artists of Blue Velvet are knowledgeable on what it takes.

“Even after you get the tattoo, we do everything to ensure its longevity.”

Artists of Blue Velvet is open seven days a week from 10:00am until 7:00pm and always fully staffed.

Each artist has his/her own schedule, so it would be best to call and make sure your artist will be in when you plan to stop by.

Piercing is available every day as well.

Contact Artists of Blue Velvet on or at 215-752-0995.

Also check out their social media for photos of tattoo examples.

PHOTO CAP: The staff at Blue Velvet, Nicole Rivera, Dante Almodovar, Julia Carlson, Cheyenne Creyaufmiller, Rafael Serrano, Nicole Sobeck, and Gina DiGrado.