Tiny Tots Nursery: Offering a positive educational experience in a small, nurturing environment

by June Portnoy

At Tiny Tots Nursery, your child will be nurtured, cared for and treated like a member of the family.

“We are a small school and we plan to remain small so that every child receives the personalized attention they deserve,” says Tiny Tots Director, Liz Douglas.

Tiny Tots, located at Street and Mechanicsville Roads in Solebury, accepts students from 16 months through kindergarten.

It offers one class per age group with a very small student to teacher ratio.

“The majority of our teachers have been with us for a long time, so they know our children well,” says Liz. “They also know their families and younger siblings, our future family members.”

Students engage in school-wide activities like designing a monthly mural based on a particular children’s author.

“Our kids come together like a family to work on this mural and when they’re done, it becomes a source of pride of what they accomplished together,” says Liz.

Most projects at Tiny Tots are child-driven, not teacher-driven, meaning children are asked to brainstorm about the activities in which they want to participate and the resources they want to use.

“This children involvement teaches them to problem solve and think outside the box,” says Liz. “It also gives them time to explore, experiment and have fun while cooperating with each other to get the job done.”

An example of completely student-driven activity is the school’s annual opera based on a fairy tale.

“We give our pre-K and kindergarten students the words of a song and the music and then let them do the rest,” says Liz. “They become the directors, producers and set designers while discovering their interests and strengths.”

Tiny Tots is licensed by the Department of Education and the Commonwealth of PA State Board of Private Academic Schools.

“We make sure we are teaching the same curriculum as our local elementary schools, so when our kindergarteners start first grade they are well prepared to be successful,” says Liz.

Tiny Tots students receive music lessons from a music teacher who comes in once a week. A Japanese teacher on staff teaches them songs in her native language.

Every week, each child is asked to perform at least one act of kindness at school. Students are recognized for this positive behavior.

“Now that our students have learned to complete acts of kindness for their school family, we’re asking them to look outside and perform acts of kindness for their community family,” says Josephine.

Tiny Tots offers very flexible scheduling.

“Bring your preschooler in as few or as many days as you want,” offers Liz. “We will accommodate your schedule.”

Tiny Tots provides transportation to and from local elementary schools for before and after-school kindergarten enrichment.

Before and after-school care is also available. Tiny Tots is open from 7:30am until 5:30pm Mondays through Fridays.

Call today to enroll your child at Tiny Tots at 215-794-7001. For additional information visit