Run F.I.T. – Fearless Intense Training with a coach who cares

    by Tianna Grosch

    When she began running at age 13, Natalie Johnston discovered her passion the moment her feet hit the ground. She fell in love with long distance running as an activity that could make her feel good.

    “Running frees my mind and soul, you can just grab your shoes and run anywhere!” Natalie says.

    It took a few years out of college, where Natalie ran competitively, for her to realize she could turn her passion into a career.

    When a friend recommended someone who was looking for a running coach, Natalie thought ‘let’s do this!’

    “That friend and first client propelled me into something I never thought I would be able to do for a living and I am forever grateful,” said Natalie.

    Shortly after, Run F.I.T. Coaching was born.

    “I first started solely training adult marathoners,” said Natalie. “When I got inquiries for training kids, I started volunteering at Central Bucks East.”

    Natalie’s focus at Run F.I.T. Coaching is on anyone between the ages of eight and 70.

    “I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be working with athletes of all ages,” she said.

    This past January, Natalie received a massage license so she can also offer massages.

    “I like to think of my business as a ‘one-stop shop’ to help you heal, recover well, and train appropriately,” she said.

    While other coaches may have success solely on their mind, Natalie places a larger emphasis on mental and emotional wellbeing, which ultimately contributes to a person’s physical health.

    “My philosophy is I’m here to build you up, not break you down,” said Natalie. “The goal is to keep you healthy and strong – not only physically but mentally and emotionally, which is just as important.”

    Each athlete and individual has specific needs and different types of pressure and situations in their lives.

    “I’m very detail-oriented and focus on athletes as an individual,” said Natalie. “The best way to coach is by establishing a strong basis of communication between you and your athletes.”

    Even when she’s coaching 30 girls at a time at CB East, Natalie is extremely dedicated to each athlete and aware of any unique needs she may have.

    Natalie also offers online coaching for those who don’t have the time to fit into their schedule to meet one-on-one, primarily for those who need a little boost.

    Perhaps you’re training for a marathon or you just want to get into better shape. Natalie will help you make the necessary steps to accomplishing your goals.

    Run F.I.T. Coaching offers a wide range of options that will work for you, from private coaching to personal training, and training plans customized to work around your schedule and fitness levels.

    One of Run F.I.T.’s upcoming programs is summer cross-country training for high school athletes.

    Summer training begins June 18th at Peace Valley Park and ends on August 20th.

    “The fact that I hopefully get to change someone’s life even in the slightest positive way is what I love most about coaching/training,” Natalie said.

    For more information and to schedule your online or in-person coaching, visit today, e-mail or call her at 1-917-584-9281.

    PHOTO CAP: Natalie Johnston