Measuring more than coffee spoons

submitted by Tracey Reed, Warminster Library Director

To a certain extent, I believe time is fluid (and there are studies to back me up), but we to a greater degree measure our lives by the ticking of a clock instead of coffee spoons, as T.S. Eliot did.

The longest minutes of my day are waiting for my coffee in the morning, while the shortest are most definitely spent with my family.

My commute falls somewhere in between. And the days at work fly by. There’s so much to be done that I look up and it’s time to leave.

So what we do with the time that’s not committed to the “have-tos” of work, commute, sleep? Studies indicate that learning new things keeps our brains active and can help prevent cognitive problems later in life.

Even something as simple sounding as brushing your teeth with the other hand can help. But that’s not what I’m thinking of.

I’m thinking about learning and interacting with our neighbors, friends and community. The programs the library is offering this month particularly lend themselves to learning new things and stepping outside your “bubble.”

We have so much going on in May on top of our regular movies, knitting programs, book clubs and kids STEAM and storytime programs: learning about Identity Theft (May 3rd, 11:00am), Understanding the Importance of Genetic Testing (May 15th, 6:00pm), Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy (May 22nd, 6:00pm).

The Friends of Warminster Library are sponsoring Alexander Hamilton: The Man vs. the Musical on May 19th at 2:00pm.

Tickets go fast, so call or drop by to secure yours. These are just a few of the things the library does to enhance life and bring experiences and knowledge to you.

So, while J. Alfred laments the life he didn’t have and that which he didn’t do in fluid time, we’ve got a lot to do right here. “Indeed there will be time,” as he says, but why not take advantage of all we have to offer now.

For a complete list of upcoming programs, please check out our website:

*April is National Poetry month, which, of course, got me to thinking about great poems. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is a great American poem and can be read and heard here: