LifeAligned Upper Cervical Chiropractic

by Christine Wolkin

There’s a rather special clinic in Warrington where a treatment most people have never heard of is literally changing the lives of those willing to “think outside the box.”

From as far away as Dover, Delaware and The Poconos come those who have already been to countless doctors and specialists.

Some have suffered for years or decades with health issues such as severe headaches, brain fog, dizziness, nerve pain in their face, seizures, weakness in their arms or legs, or chronic head, neck and shoulder pain.

Each is hopeful that Dr. Andrew Persky, DC at LifeAligned Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help them by gently and precisely realigning their head.

Dr. Persky’s work is not what one might expect from a chiropractor.

You won’t see a lot of neck “twisting” and “cracking” happening in his clinic.

He became a doctor specializing in head realignment after more than 20 years as an expert in computer-based image analysis, robotics and precision alignment.

His accomplishments include earning a U.S. Patent for determining the orientation of three-dimensional objects based on two-dimensional images and Post-graduate training in almost every method of precise head realignment.

This knowledge makes him unique in his field and genuinely passionate about helping as many people as possible.

Of course it’s easy to joke about a person not having their head on straight.

But, in fact, it is a real medical condition called Craniocervical Syndrome, and more common than you might suspect.

As explained by Persky, “A misalignment in the upper cervical spine, where the skull and the brain connect to the rest of the body, is a known cause of numerous neurological and musculoskeletal problems, some of which take decades to develop. This is one reason why doctors, even neurologists, rarely consider or investigate the possibility of a misaligned head being the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms.”

A surprising aspect of Dr. Persky’s work is how gentle his treatment is.

With the patient lying on a treatment table he precisely positions a handheld instrument against the skin behind their jaw, where he can make contact with the first bone in the neck.

All the patient feels is two to four gentle taps against the first bone in their neck.

However, as simple as this treatment may seem, the effect those taps have is often life-changing.

Dr. Persky’s eyes light up as he points to the patient testimonial letters lining the walls of his clinic.

He begins listing some of the changes he has witnessed – “Susan,” who had a brain condition called a “Chiari” and a spinal cord injury.

She suffered for six years with debilitating pain, seizures and incontinence.

After receiving treatment, a seizure she was having in the clinic stopped immediately and she felt her toes for the first time in a year.

Ultimately she was able to stop taking the “bag full of pain medications” other doctors had prescribed.

Another patient, John, suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia (also known as “The Suicide Disease), a condition which causes facial pain so severe that eating solid food, smiling, or putting his face on a pillow became impossible.

He began crying when telling Dr. Persky how his latest treatment gave him an entire weekend without any flare-ups.

Our communities are in the midst of an opioid epidemic and the waiting rooms of Neurologists and Pain Management clinics are overwhelmed by people in pain. Yet most people think their only options are pain medication or surgery.

Dr. Persky wants them to know that an effective treatment exists which might help them without the need for drugs or surgery.

LifeAligned Upper Cervical Treatment Center is located at 1432 Easton Road, Suite 4A. For more information, call 215-491-4200 or visit

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Andrew Persky, DC