Ivins Center announces addition of Gloria Hunter to its board

The Ivins Outreach Center has announced the addition of Gloria Hunter to its Board of Directors.

Ms. Hunter is the president and CEO of Infinity Health Care Services, a home health care company with offices in Morrisville and Princeton, with a focus on flexible home health care for seniors.

IOC provides a variety of services including referrals, resources, community programs, volunteer opportunities, senior education programs and their popular Staying Put in Lower Bucks, a program designed to help seniors remain in their homes longer by providing transportation, personal assistance and other services.

Gloria is excited to take on this new role.

“My first goal is to educate the community about Ivins,” she said. “I want to support Ivins as best I can. I’ve been to a board meeting and heard all of the concerns and I want to help act on them.

“One concern is fundraising. Having the funds to support what Ivins does is very important and my goal in that regard is to boost the marketing and inform the community about Ivins. I want the community to understand what we do at Ivins, how we help the community and how they can help us to help the community.

“Ivins and Infinity have a mutual client base because we are both trying to solve problems for seniors and I believe that we’ll be able to do that together and that together we’ll just roar in the community.”

IOC Board President Kathleen Foster feels that Gloria’s experience will benefit Ivins.

“The Ivins Outreach Center Board of Directors is very pleased to have Gloria join us,” Kathleen said. “She is a respected Morrisville businesswoman and resident, and her involvement in community affairs has given her knowledge and insight of what the concerns, needs and issues are in our area.

“Her work with the elderly, her expertise in understanding the worries and anxieties that many older adults have will be extremely helpful as we grow our Staying Put in Lower Bucks program and find better ways to assist the older population.

“Gloria has great energy, vision and a true desire to give back to the community where she works and lives. It’s a perfect match to have her on the Ivins Outreach Board of Directors and we all look forward to what we can accomplish together.”

PHOTO CAP: Gloria Hunter