PHS Troupe 830 breaks legs and records at state conference

Pennsbury High School’s (PHS) Thespian Troupe 830 showcased at the 2017 Pennsylvania State Thespian Conference in York, PA what many in our local area already have experienced – a pool of young talent that continues to raise the bar on what has traditionally been considered “secondary education” level performance and production.

From November 30th through December 2nd, Troupe 830 won recognitions and awards in the areas of monologue, musical performance, tech and costume, as well as team challenge, one-act and election of another Pennsbury drama and musical talent, Nic Fallacaro, to STO (State Thespian Officer).

In the area of Individual Events (IE), independent study that aligns with students’ specific performance interests, “Superior” achievement was awarded to Sofia Curcuru and Ngakiya Camara for IE Monologue and Samantha Belinski, Robyn Kerachsky, Abby Leach and Emily Tazza for IE Musical.

In the area of IE for Lighting Design and IE for Costume Construction, “Superior” achievement was awarded to Charlie Santella and Roxy Geers, respectively.

The Tech Team Challenge saw two prominent placements in this competitive category with second place going to Team 1 including Charlie Santella, Sofia Curcuru, Jake Holzberg, Caroline
Denarie, Zachary Holzberg, Olivia Maratea and Cerys Horton and a third place showing by Team 2 including Jordan Newton, Kathryn Gilbride, Alex Narsquid Brunette, Nathan Fitchett, Tim Ehrenfeld, Megan Franco and Taylor Natal.

Special recognition went to Viva Connor who was awarded the designation of “All Star Cast Member” for her performance in the one-act play “Final Dress Rehearsal,” which also received “State Select” and was selected for the 2018 International Thespian Conference in Nebraska.

Seniors Ngakiya Camara, Charlie Santella and Emily Tazza were also awarded scholarships.

Ngakiya was awarded one of five scholarships given out, Emily received one of only two in her category and Charlie, who is the first person to break the minute mark for the lighting competition for the state of PA, received one specifically for General Tech.

“The multitude of awards and continued recognition at this year’s State Thespian Conference that the Pennsbury High School Thespian Troupe 830 continues to gain is a testament to both the talent and stellar leadership and teamwork that helps create a sense of pride for our theater community, our PHS community and our region,” commented Mary Kay Everett, Director of the PHS Thespian Troupe 830.

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PHOTO CAP: “The Final Dress Rehearsal” cast State Select awardees.