Susan Apollon practices integrative psychology for healing mind, body and spirit

Whether you are dealing with a life-challenging illness like cancer or the loss of a loved one, psychologist Susan Apollon assists you in restoring a sense of wellbeing, inner peace and an improved quality of life.

In private practice in Yardley for more than 30 years, Susan is a breast cancer survivor who specializes in grief, trauma and life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. She also co-leads (with Dr. Amy Harvey) a women’s cancer support group, The GyniGirls.

Susan brings to her patients a blend of compassion, wisdom and psychological expertise. Additionally, she integrates several energy modalities in working with patients, including energy medicine and energy psychology.

As an integrative psychologist and healer, Susan blends Eastern Medicine’s holistic, mind-body-spirit approach with Western Medicine’s cure-the-symptoms approach (via surgery, medications, radiation, and chemotherapy).

She believes that learning what contributes to both the creation and healing of an illness restores a sense of stability, hopefulness, and control. Susan enables you to understand what illness and healing are.

She defines illness as imbalanced energy and healing as the restoration of energy so that you feel whole, balanced and at peace. She highlights understanding the mind, body, spirit connection.

For example, when you feel stressed, your brain produces stress chemicals (adrenalin and cortisol), which suppress your immune system. When feeling peaceful and joyful, your brain produces feel-good chemicals, (serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins), which enable your immune system to produce cells needed to seek out and eliminate unwanted viruses (such as cancer).

Susan empowers you by teaching you to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, as well as tools to better manage the energetic power of your thoughts and their relationship to you getting well.

When you release the energetic vibration of thoughts of pain, guilt, anger, and grief stored in your cells, your body is better able to care for you. Focusing on the healing power of choosing thoughts of love, forgiveness and letting go, Susan guides you to wellbeing.

As you work with Susan, your perspective about your illness changes. You feel more hopeful and happier, even seeing your illness as a teacher of valuable lessons for you. You recognize that you are healing spiritually as well as physically and mentally – a good thing!

Susan’s newest book, “An Inside Job: A Psychologist Shares Healing Wisdom for Your Cancer Journey,” provides those challenged by cancer or any life-threatening illness, as well as survivors and thrivers, with guidance, comfort, inspirational true stories of healing, and information about choosing your integrative team of doctors.

“An Inside Job Companion: Making Healing Personal” reinforces the reader’s personal healing experience.

Both are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and To arrange an appointment or a speaking engagement with Susan, call 215-493-8434.

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PHOTO CAP: Susan Apollon