Croydon Sock Factory – Fashion for your feet for over three generations!

by Tianna Grosch

Tired of trying to match all the stray socks in your drawer? Let’s face it – you never seem to have enough socks, or enough pairs to match, and with this especially cold wintery weather, you’ll want to keep your toes comfortable and toasty (not to mention fashionable).

At Croydon Sock Factory, you can purchase pairs of locally made socks that won’t let you down in quality or foot care, no matter the season.

Croydon Sock Factory, also known as Comfort Sock Factory, located at 931 River Road in Croydon, has been family-owned and run for three generations, locally making socks of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors.

All its products are made in-factory and sold to the local community.

Fred Bernhardt is the current company president, after being passed down from his father. His wife, Joanne, spends much of her time working in the factory and overseeing sock production. Custom-made orders are welcome at Croydon Sock Factory.

Their highly skilled and creative development team can craft any product to fulfill a customer’s need or desire. They make and sell every type of sock imaginable – from dress socks to diabetes socks, sports/athletic socks, and compression socks – socks for daily use and socks for holidays or special occasions – custom logo socks for your sports team – something for the entire family!

“Two of our biggest sellers are diabetic socks and compression socks,” says Joanne. “We also have people coming in for all sorts of custom orders – from 16th birthday parties to bridal parties and team sports.”

Compression socks are helpful for people with heart conditions, and will keep their blood pumping naturally. Joanne mentioned that with the cold winter we’ve experienced this winter, they’ve sold lots of heavy, thermal socks.

It doesn’t stop there!

“We’ll make skinny no-see-‘em socks, alpaca and wool socks. We cater to everyone. People who work in refrigerators will buy our thermal socks for everyday wear.”

Before the NFL took over production of their own socks, Croydon Sock Factory even produced socks for the Washington Redskins football team.

This unique and diverse sock factory is the oldest manufacturer of prosthetic socks in the US, having created specialty socks to improve the quality of life of amputees for 111 years.

Croydon Sock Factory moved to Pennsylvania 33 years ago from Burlington, NJ and has been in its present location for five years.

Fred has invented many products, leading to five patents with various applications to the company’s products.

From knitted socks to sleeves to interfaces that fit braces, the development team will research, design and develop products that embrace the latest technology, exhibit the highest quality, and provide the best overall value for their customers.

Croydon Sock Factory will create custom socks for anyone, and are the perfect place to go to if you’re looking for something special or just want some exciting customized socks.

You can check them out on Facebook, or call them at 215-781-0300 for further information. Stop in today to make your purchase and leave your feet feeling happy!

PHOTO CAP: Fred Bernhardt (right) owner/president of Croydon Sock Factory, with his son, Greg.