Bucks for Kids – Enriching the lives of children and youth in the care of Bucks Co. C & Y

Joyce*, age six, has been in foster care for two years due to her parents’ homelessness and drug addiction. Joyce wanted to have professional photos of herself, teacher and classmates on class picture day. Thanks to Bucks for Kids (BFK), she was proud to receive beautiful pictures!

Darius*, age 17, has no parents or family. He was placed in a foster home and needed new and stylish clothing to feel good about himself with his new classmates. Thanks to BFK, he was able to go shopping and get what he needed.

Jewel*, age 4, lives with her grandparents, who both work and are struggling financially. During the summer, Jewel needs a stable daycare routine. They wanted to place her in summer camp so Jewel had a chance to be with peers. Thanks to BFK, she was able to attend and enjoy swimming, crafts, picnics and learning activities.  

These children – and many more like them in Bucks County – have had a tough start in life. Sadly, they have suffered abuse or neglect by their parents.

But now they are safe, living with licensed Bucks County Children & Youth (BCCYA) foster parents. Other at-risk children in Bucks County remain in their homes but are closely supervised by BCCYA.

BCCYA fully covers the children’s basic needs – shelter, food, medical care, counseling, supervised visits with birth parents. But these vulnerable children and youth need more to heal from their experiences.

They need “enrichment activities”: music lessons, sports, class trips, tutoring, and summer camps to enhance their cognitive, emotional and physical health.

BFK (a 501(c)3 organization), makes those wishes come true thanks to the support from individuals, organizations and businesses.

In 2016-17, BFK helped hundreds of BCCYA kids play musical instruments, participate in sports, get academic tutoring, enjoy class trips, attend summer camp, buy clothing or start their freshman year in college.

Since 1991, BFK has been providing financial assistance to children and youth who are under the supervision of BCCYA.

They work closely with staff to ensure that the kids’ extra needs are met. If you would like to get involved visit, or call 215-340-5039. All contributions are tax-deductible.

*Not their real names

PHOTO CAP: Bucks for Kids Celebrity Bartender Fundraiser at Chamber’s this year, with Celebrity Bartender Diane Marseglia (center), Bucks County Commissioner.