RMS Heavy Weight Football Team in midst of great season

The Richboro Middle School Heavyweight Football Team is in the midst of a great season.

For the first time in over 10 years, RMS is the Intradistrict Champs, having defeated Newtown Middle 16-8, and Holland Middle 14-8. At the time of writing the team has seven wins and one loss. Lead by a solid defense, the Richboro Raiders have outscored opponents 94-46 this season.

Defensive highlights have included Lucas Doyle’s bone crushing tackle of a Holicong player, causing a fumble that teammate Mike Vickery astutely recovered; Bobby Kennedy’s fumble recovery and return for a 55-yard touchdown verse Tamanend; Shynu Philip’s fumble recovery in the fourth quarter against Holland with the game tied 0-0; huge defensive tackles by Dom Ditri and Mike Vickrey; Kennedy’s interception and brilliant run for a 51-yard touchdown; Shane Dawson’s interception with 1 minute and 22 seconds left in the game when Holland had the ball in the red zone.

This was Shane’s second interception in the fourth quarter (4:47 and 1:22)! Richboro’s offense, lead by quarterback Sal Mastromarco, has been supercharged by its three tight ends, Braden Kotter, Michael Vickery, and Ryan Ulrick.

Offensive highlights of the season have included wing back Chandler Turner’s run for 55 yards on a fake punt play to score the first points of the game verse Holicong and Fullback Ben Mikhailov’s 14-yard TD after he caught a screen pass; Mikhailov’s very impressive game verse Tamanend when he had over 100 yards combined rushing and receiving; Braden Kotter’s game winning TD against Klinger.

Against Newtown, Mikhailov caught a screen pass, and with sheer determination and brute force ran through one Newtown defender, broke two other tackles, and sprinkled in a couple of fancy hip movements before sprinting 24 more yards into the end zone, providing Richboro with the go ahead touchdown!

Also, Shane Dawson’s masterful run up the middle of the field for 40 yards and a TD.

Richboro’s Special Teams have been impressive as well. Special team highlights include offensive tackle James St. Thomas spectacular kick return from the front line, when the kicker blasted him with a line drive right into his chest.

The sound of the impact reverberated throughout the football field. James not only caught the blast, but successfully ran for eight yards.

Against Newtown, James Gallen made a tremendous play securing the kickoff, despite being on the receiving end of a brutal hit.

Punter Derek Loeper in an absolutely amazing display of athleticism, avoided not only being forced out of bounds, but literally avoided eight defenders as he weaved in and out of the defense as he ran for a 68-yard touchdown!

The Raiders are looking forward to the remaining games and although it will be the end of an era, these student athletes will carry on the RMS legacy!

PHOTO CAP: The RMS Raiders after the 16-8 victory over Newtown Middle School. Team players include: Back Line (Left to Right): Sal MastroMarco (QB), Bobby Kennedy (SB,CB), Shane Dawson (WB), Jacob Ninan (OG, DT), Mason Shores (C,DL,K), James St. Thomas (OT, DT), Dan Maybaum(ILB), Sahil Patel (DB), Braden Kotter (TE, DE), Middle Line: Andrew Szymborski (OT, DT, C), Dominic Ditri (OL,DL), Mason Horner (FB, QB,S), Matt Gillis (DB), Ryan Ulrick (TE, DE), Jack Heinbach (OT, DT), Shynu Philip (OG,ILB), Joel Alexander (DL), Carson Lopez (CB), Chandler Turner (WB, S), Front Line: Evan Morris (DL), Mike Vickrey (ILB,TE,), Derek Loper (P,DE), Ben Mikhailov (FB, ILB), James Gallen (DB), Lucas Doyle(OG, CB), Shawn Moore (DT). Coaches are Mr. Donnelly and Mr. Gilmore.