Mister Sprinkle: The next Christmas tradition

    How a Bucks County family is sharing the magic of Christmas

    by Lisa DeAngelis

    One Christmas Eve night, little Andrew Giacoponello asked his parents, Jeff and Danielle, “How does he do it? How does Santa visit children all over the world in just one night?” They knew they had to give Andrew the answer quickly.

    “There’s magic in the cookies!” Jeff exclaimed. “They give Santa his powers to fly his sleigh through the night.”

    Jeff and Danielle’s impromptu story started to take shape. They explained how Santa Claus’ magical powers increase with every cookie that’s chosen for him by boys and girls all over the world.

    For the Giacoponellos, answering this question that many parents find themselves facing brought to life the idea of giving families everywhere a gift that will create or strengthen the longstanding tradition of baking cookies for Santa. 

    The idea is about sharing the story, then baking, decorating and choosing your magical cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. Now a family of six after welcoming twins Jake and Ryan this past fall, making Christmas cookies each holiday season has become a wonderful tradition.

    With the hopes of sharing the experiences of time spent together as a family, Jeff and his daughter Catrina wrote the story of Andrew’s big discovery about the secret of Santa’s Magic.

    Building off of the story and Danielle’s cherished memories of baking cookies as a little girl, the family created a gift set that brings the tradition and experience of holiday magic into your home.

    Along with the children’s book, the set comes with molded cookie cutters featuring Mister Sprinkle and his friends, an adorable embroidered plush Mister Sprinkle ornament, and the secret recipe for the magical Christmas Cookies that give Santa his powers. 

    Jeff and Danielle live in Warwick, where they say the holiday magic and allure of Bucks Country helped inspire their project.

    Danielle says “We live in a magical place, from TreeFest at the visitors center, to New Hope’s North Pole Express, and lights at Shady Brook Farms; our area is filled with some of the most wonderful family-centric holiday experiences.”

    Jeff mentions having been raised on the stories of the Berenstain Bears only to later find their adventures took place in his own backyard. Parents, grandparents, loving aunts, uncles and friends can use the gift set to grow the holiday spirit in their homes. It will provide a fun project for young children, and spark imagination and creativity.

    Teachers like it because it encourages foundational principles of responsibility. Catrina is a kindergarten teacher, and she reads the book to her class to remind them that Santa is counting on you!

    The Mister Sprinkle gift set is also a product you feel good about purchasing. Mister Sprinkle is a proud fundraising supporter of the Children’s Fund at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

    The gift set is the first product launched by the company the Giacoponello family started this year, Experience in a Box, LLC. Says Jeff, “Our company is all about promoting family time and creating a holiday tradition that is eagerly anticipated year after year.”

    He invites those who receive the gift set to gather as a family to read about how you can give Santa his magical powers, make your own Mister Sprinkle and friends cookies, and decorate your tree with the Mister Sprinkle ornament.

    The Mister Sprinkle Christmas Cookie Gift Set launched this December through the website ( and on Amazon. 

    Mister Sprinkle also wants you to join his digital community. The read aloud book is available for free on Mister Sprinkle’s YouTube channel.  You can join him on Facebook and Instagram to share photos of your Christmas cookies and time spent together as a family.

    PHOTO CAP: From left, Danielle, Andrew, and Jeff Giacoponello with a copy of “Mister Sprinkle and the Secret of Santa’s Magic.”