Keystone Opportunity Center announces new Executive Director, Arlene E. Daily

    Keystone Opportunity Center, a social service agency based in Souderton which offers help and hope to those struggling with the trauma of poverty by creatively addressing disparities in access to housing, food and education, has announced the selection of Arlene E. Daily as its next Executive Director. 

    Arlene will fill the vacancy created by E. Richard Aichele III after his retirement in January. 

    The selection was made after an extensive executive search led by a team that consisted of an employment agency, and members of the staff and Board of Keystone Opportunity Center.

    “Arlene was the unanimous choice of the Keystone Opportunity Center Board of Directors,” stated Lucy Sharp, President of the Board. “During our search for a new executive director, it was clear the future of Keystone depends on being able to engage multiple constituencies from our community to maintain our multiple programs. Because of her extensive and varied leadership experience, Arlene is ready to accept this challenge.” 

    Arlene comes to Keystone with decades of experience in the nonprofit world.

    She has served in leadership positions in nonprofit organizations such as social service agencies, disease fighting charities, arts organizations and community centers in Pennsylvania and New York City.

    She has worked locally, nationally and internationally, managing Executive Directors in chapter offices across the US, leading advocacy and lobbying efforts at the state and federal levels, building creative community alliances that advanced all involved and shepherding organizations out of debt.

    Prior to joining Keystone, Arlene was the Executive Director of Mayfair, Inc., which had accrued debt for 15 year before her arrival; within four years she brought the nonprofit back into the black.

    Arlene’s spare time is often spent in community-building volunteerism. She helped launch an award-winning annual interfaith day of service, inclusive of people from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other religious traditions.

    She organized a community health fair that provided hundreds of vulnerable community members free medical screening and health information from scores of agencies.

    And she organized a social justice sign up event at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day interfaith service.

    She sees her work – both professional and volunteer – as a chance to make the world a better place while creating unity among people by inviting them to work together in that effort.

    Passionate about the work of Keystone, Arlene is excited about her role in leading the organization. “The work Keystone Opportunity Center does is not just vital to our community – it is groundbreaking,” said Arlene.

    “I’ve had a few days to meet the team and I must say, the people who work here are inspiring. I look forward to joining this effort of stemming the trauma created by poverty, helping people reach self-sufficiency, and building a stronger community.”

    PHOTO CAP: Arlene E. Daily