Northampton Library holds First Annual Fall Gala Fundraiser

by June Portnoy

Over 140 guests showed their support for the Free Library of Northampton Township during the library’s first Fall Gala fundraiser on Friday, October 13th.

Attendees had opportunity to look beyond the pages of the books and explore all the library has to offer. The evening included wine tasting, an hors d’oeuvres buffet and background music provided by two harpists.

In addition, visitors had the opportunity to bid on 31 paintings created by local artists during a silent auction and the chance to win 13 raffle items.

“It’s so nice to have such a wonderful turnout tonight,” said Library Director Diana Remington. “This is the first time we have had a fundraising event like this, and we hope to make it an annual event.”

She explained, “We have a fundraising goal of $25,000 this year, and the proceeds from this gala will go toward meeting that goal.”

“The idea of this fundraiser is to bring people from the community together to support the library they routinely patronize,” said Amy Wardle, reference librarian and Gala planning committee member.

Marvin May, former library board president and board member for eight years who attended the Gala, said, “I think people coming out tonight will discover the versatility of this library and that it offers a lot more than books.”

According to Diana, the library has the largest volume of materials in the county library system.

Also in attendance at this fundraiser was Northampton Township Manager Bob Pellegrino, who said, “So many people in this community support this library, and they want to see it succeed.”

Kathy Rue from Richboro who enjoyed the evening’s festivities with her husband Dave, said, “I’m at this library practically every week taking books out, and I like the idea that they are trying to supplement government funding with public funding so they can plan more programs and have even more books and resources for us.”

Dana Newbauer and Lisa Nocera from Richboro expressed their love of the library.

Lisa said, “The children’s programs are amazing, and our kids love coming here for the books and the videos. It’s important to us to show our kids that we are supporting the community by supporting the library that we go to so often.”

Joy Kurtz from Holland, who borrows books from the library nearly once a month, said, “I like coming here because it’s close, it’s convenient, and the staff is always very accommodating helping me find books I’m looking for.”

Although the gala was obviously a way to help fund the library, it was organized as a fun night out, and that was certainly the case for four young adults, all from Northampton, who came there to celebrate their friend, Julia Erickson’s 26th birthday.

Richboro’s Madelyn Reilly said, “Julia and I come here all the time to study for college. This year, Julia wanted to try something different to celebrate her birthday, so we decided to come here since she’s such a book person and loves meeting new people. So far, we’ve met so many people who live around here who we would never have otherwise met. This gala has been a great way to bring the Northampton community together.”

For more information about the Free Library of Northampton Township, located at 25 Upper Holland Road in Richboro, visit

PHOTO CAP: Northampton Township Manager Bob Pellegrino (left) with Northampton Township Human Resources Director Lynne Tomlinson at the buffet table.