DeLorenzo’s The Burg brings authentic Trenton tomato pies to Levittown

by Tianna Grosch

DeLorenzo’s The Burg opened this past August and livened up Levittown by bringing the iconic Trenton Tomato Pie, a pizza lover’s classic, along with many other specialty pies.

Located at 8919 New Falls Road in Levittown, you can now experience for yourself third-generation pie-maker and entrepreneur Tyler DeLorenzo’s pizza and culinary delicacies.

“Our recipes set our pies apart – we’re known for making our crusts thin and crispy, and we layer our pizzas differently than the rest,” said Tyler. “We start with a layer of cheese before anything else, then add the toppings and cover this in tomato sauce before adding another thin layer of cheese.”

A graduate of the New York City institute of Culinary Education, Tyler brought the family business across the Delaware after his cousins made the first leap from New Jersey.

“I found this place here in Levittown and it was ready for me to move in,” said Tyler.

He also said that there has been a great response from the community, and sometimes he’ll have customers returning two or three times a week.

At DeLorenzo’s The Burg, they create the same environment “Big Rick” DeLorenzo (Tyler’s grandfather) and his brother did back in 1938 – not only a place where you can eat delicious tomato pies, but somewhere where you can bond with your family and friends.

DeLorenzo’s offers Chambersburg’s favorite pizza pie for over 75 years – a flavor you won’t want to miss.

In addition to old-school favorites, there are a few gourmet pies with a twist – Margherita Pie, Spinach Special, Pork Roll Pie, and Mustard Pie – to name a few.

“Our Margherita Pie is new to our family, but it’s a constant in most pizzerias and is the number-one selling pizza in the country, so we do pretty well with that,” Tyler said. “Another of our pizzas that has become very popular is the Spinach Special, which is a white pie with spinach, sausage, garlic, and salt sprinkled around the crust.”

Their Pork Roll pie is a tomato pie with pork roll on top of the cheese, and Tyler describes the Mustard Pie as an “old Trenton tradition” that he wanted to bring back full-time.

Wednesday and Sunday nights feature Family Style Pasta, so bring the whole family for some delicious pasta specialties.

Starting at 4:00pm, they offer a pound of pasta, family style, for $20 – enough for the whole family.

Their lasagna is the most popular pasta DeLorenzo’s serves and Tyler says they make it special. “We layer the lasagna with crepes. It’s a crowd favorite.”

Tyler also mentioned his food truck, which can be hired for events.

‘DeLorenzo’s on the Go’ offers made-to-order personal pies, perfect for any event.

“We’ve served at festivals, weddings, birthday and graduation parties. It’s becoming quite popular,” said Tyler. “We’ve already had quite a few bookings for next year, so if you want to jump on the wagon, book our food truck today!”

Call 215-943-2605 today to place an order at DeLorenzo’s The Burg or book their food truck.

DeLorenzo’s the Burg is closed on Mondays, but open every other day of the week – Tuesday to Thursday from 11:00am to 9:00pm; Friday and Saturday from 11:00am to 10:00pm; and Sunday from noon until 9:00pm.

You can find more info on their website,

PHOTO CAP: The staff at Delorenzo’s The Burg, back row from left, Chris O’Malley, Tyler DeLorenzo, Matt Camera, Dalton Mast, Shayne Ostrowsky, Vinny Pizemieniecki, and Emmerick Ovalle; front row, Amanda Torres, Marissa Kilian, Isabella Ciccone, Jenn Dupp, Kyle Rose, and Steve Harvey.