Shumai Wok gives new name to Chinese takeout

by Tianna Grosch

Penndel’s recent addition to the restaurant scene, Shumai Wok, promises customers some of the best Chinese dining in the area. Owner Ming Chi, 28, who came from China 10 years ago with dreams of opening her own restaurant, has put her stamp on the takeout/delivery eatery, with signature dishes that include sushi, Pad Thai, and General Tsao’s Chicken.

Ming manages the front counter as cooks bustle around hot stoves behind her. She’s rarely stationary as she answers phones and organizes orders.

The sounds of food sizzling, frying, boiling, and the scraping of spatulas on the large grills fill the air. An enticing aroma permeates the room; a delightful medley of what Shumai Wok specializes in – Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food.

Ming and her husband, WenWei Lin, purchased the small restaurant three years ago from Indonesian owners. Ming says she spends 12 hours a day at Shumai Wok and wishes she had more time with her two kids.

But running a business takes a lot of hard work, time, and focus. Shumai Wok is the couple’s first business and they entered into joint ownership after being married for two years.

The young couple was determined to put their personal stamp on this enterprise. They began with the name.

“Shumai,” also known as dim sum, is a traditional, popular Chinese dish and suitable for the restaurant’s trademark.

As Ming describes, when you go into Chinatown the first dish you order at any Chinese restaurant is Shumai and that’s the test of its quality. If the Shumai is good then the rest of the food will be good.

Shumai Wok focuses on the quality and taste of their food. But they also have another challenge to face – fast, efficient delivery, with a widely ambitious reach. They may have as many as four delivery drivers on the road at one time.

Their drivers travel as far as Levittown and Bristol to provide customers with Shumai Wok’s unique cuisine.

Ming wants her customers to know they strive to keep up with the wide reach of deliveries while keeping their food hot and fresh. She demands a high standard for this service.

Among other menu items, Ming says the Pad Thai is popular with a different twist – while some restaurants might make it sweet, Shumai Wok makes it sour and spicy. Their General Tsao’s Chicken is flavored with an extra helping of orange sauce.

Each dish has a special flare aligned to the couple’s taste and style. During the summer months, their sushi is most popular because of the hot weather.

Customers who visited the establishment before Ming and WenWei took over have come to appreciate and enjoy what the couple has accomplished with their restaurant makeover.

Call 215-702-1233 and order from Shumai Wok today! Their delivery service requires a minimum order of $15. You won’t find another takeout/delivery restaurant with the same care and attention given as Shumai Wok, located at 321 W. Lincoln Highway in Penndel.

PHOTO CAP: WenWei Lin prepares some of Shumai Wok’s delicious cuisine, while Ming Chi poses at the front counter holding Shumai Wok’s menu.