Fifty-eight is the new 58: Staying fit as a baby boomer

by Matt Snider

The world of fitness is often thought of as a young man’s game. However, don’t tell that to 58-year-old Chalfont resident, Tim Caso.

While still racking over 300 pounds when doing squats at the gym, Tim is using his 50 years of fitness experience to educate fellow baby boomers on how to stay healthy in his new book, “Weight Training for Old Guys.”

“I’m told I don’t look over 50,” Tim said. “It isn’t because of amazing genetics either. It mostly just boils down to hard work and discipline. I want to help educate everyone that you are never too old to get into shape.”

Most of Tim’s life has revolved around the fitness world. After getting into weight training as an 11-year-old to bulk up for football, he quickly fell in love with it. As time went on, his routine became more expansive, and he found himself buying books and materials to further his knowledge.

“It was around college when I saw a competition on television and just thought how neat that all looked,” said Tim. “I started looking for clubs and places to go, which is much harder in the pre-internet days, and after a lot of research found this local club. I’ll never forget my first day there seeing guys throwing 300 to 400 pounds over their heads and just knew that this is where I wanted to be.”

Tim said the bug caught him then, and he hasn’t stopped. Even after retirement, he has stayed involved by coaching and training almost every day. It is a bug that he hopes he can pass on through people of all ages in his book.

“A lot of people my age go to the gym and see these big, young guys doing all kinds of things. It is a little intimating,” Tim said when asked about why he wrote a book geared toward baby boomers. “They also have more worries about things like injury which is why it’s even more important to get the technique down as you get older.”

Avoiding injury is something that Tim stresses in his book and for good reason. Injuries are tougher to bounce back from and more likely to occur the older you get. Tim himself was injured just over one year ago when both his tendons ruptured during a squat.

“Overtraining is one of the most important things not to do while exercising,” said Tim. “I was doing too much weight for too long and ended up hospitalized and lost 15 pounds. One of the most important things I made sure to stress in my book was what people are doing wrong. I am not afraid to say what is wasting your time.”

His bluntness and focus on the fundamentals are what he hopes apply to everyone of all generations and are part of the reason why people have been so responsive to his message.

In addition to previous appearances in regional media, he is slated to appear on ABC’s “Art of Aging” show.

“It’s something I’m really excited about,” said Tim when asked what he hopes can come out of all of this. “I’d love to be able to travel and speak to everyone about fitness and getting in shape. Being able to help everyone stay healthy and fit is the ultimate goal for me. It’s what I’m trying to achieve. ”

PHOTO CAP: Tim Caso busting it