Craig Moore touring with NBA 3X3 basketball team

by John Connolly

Doylestown native Craig Moore will be taking his basketball-playing skills across the country this summer as part of the DEW NBA 3X – a six-city national tour featuring some of the best three-person men and women’s competitive basketball teams in the country.

“This tournament is unbelievable,” said the 6’3” 185-pound Moore. “The competition has gotten better and better. There are NBA players in it now, NBA Development League players, European All-Stars. It’s awesome. It’s a great tournament and I love playing with my guys.”

Craig’s guys are Team Stars & Stripes, whose work off the backboards in the DEW NBA 3X helped them qualify for the 2018 USA Basketball 3×3 National Tournament and advance to the championship round in Los Angeles.

There, they’ll compete for $20,000 and a qualifying spot for this year’s FIBA 3×3 All-Star Event in November. This fast-paced 3×3-playing-platform has now been included into the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.

Under the NBA’s 3×3 rules, each game consists of one 10-minute period. The team leading after completion of the regular playing time, or the first team to score 21 points, is declared the winner.

If the game ends in a tie, the first team to score two points in the overtime earns a victory. Shots made outside the arc are awarded two points, shots made inside the arc are awarded one point and each made free throw is worth one point. Additionally, a 12-second clock is used.

Craig has always been a student of the game. He played basketball at Lawrenceville Prep and later at Northwestern University – where he set a team-high record with 97 three-pointers in one season.

After graduating with his Communications degree in 2009, Craig played overseas for one season with the Dutch team De Friesland Aris, and another season for Gaz Metan Medias in Romania.

He returned home and did stints as Director of Operations and an Assistant Coach for Men’s Basketball at Princeton University.

Craig was not able to take off work for his tournament schedule, so he has had to become a weekend warrior of sorts in the 3X basketball world. Though his dreams of playing in the NBA were never realized, Craig is considered one of the top 3×3 basketball players in the world.

Despite that, he jokes that he plays the lottery every week in hopes of winning the Powerball. His first purchase if he wins – buying an entire European basketball team to help start his comeback!

“Honestly, as I’ve gotten older and I see and feel my body starting to break down, I more than ever cherish every time I get to compete at a high level on the basketball court,” he mused. “It’s definitely something you don’t take for granted.”

PHOTO CAP: Craig Moore