No pain…all gain! Physicians of Pennsylvania Pain & Spine Institute are changing how pain is treated

The physicians of the Pennsylvania Pain & Spine Institute, with offices in Chalfont and Quakertown, are championing the use of new technology to combat chronic pain.

The advancement allows the doctors to deliver precise therapy targeted at painful nerve receptors, in essence eliminating the pain at its origin. The new therapy reduces the dependence on oral pain medications including opioids.

According to co-founder David Qu, MD, “The therapies aren’t only an advancement for pain therapy, but have a far reaching impact on public health by reducing the dependency on opioids for the treatment of chronic conditions.”

This approach is “revolutionary” according to the December 2016 issue of “Pain Medicine News.” According to the article, a recent panel discussion titled “America’s Opioid Dilemma: Medical Technology is Part of the Solution,” the United States is one of only three countries in the world that uses addictive opioids as the first line of treatment for chronic pain.

Dr. Qu, co-founder Robert Kelly, DO and newest physician in the group Douglas Gugger, MD (Quakertown office), are leading the field in this regard, treating pain with technology, sometimes in lieu of drugs.

The therapies range from neuromodulation, which uses electrical stimulation to block painful nerve signals that cause chronic pain. Another approach is regenerative therapy where the doctor removes healthy stem cells or growth factors from the patient’s own body and introduces them into the region where pain is originating.

These healthy cells regenerate cells in the painful region, ultimately eliminating pain. Another therapy is an implantable medication pump that delivers medication directly to the source of the pain. This targeted medication delivery avoids most of the side effects of oral medications and prevents kidney and liver issues that most traditional medications can cause. 

Ivy League trained at Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania, the three physicians were trained under renowned, industry leading physicians who pioneered such advancements. This opened their eyes to what could be done, as opposed to accepting the status quo. 

Dr. Kelly shares, “We joined the field to help people. We’re happy that our targeted therapies are allowing patients to get back to their lives. The procedures are done in our office, with very little down time. It’s really a win-win for our patients.”

According to Dr. Gugger, “Our goal at the Pennsylvania Pain & Spine Institute is to choose the right treatment for the right condition. We treat our patients with targeted therapies rather than a one size fits all approach. And aside from better pain control and sustainable therapies, we feel we are ethically preserving our patients’ health by reducing their long-term dependence on opioids.” 

Drs. Kelly, Qu and Gugger are all Board Certified and Fellowship Trained in Pain Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Gugger honorably served in the United States Navy. They welcome veterans.

The practice is Tier 1 with most insurances, which ensures low cost and added value for the services provided. Drs. Kelly and Qu see patients in the Highpoint Professional Building, 700 Horizon Circle, Suite 206, Chalfont, PA 18914.  Dr. Gugger sees patients in The Atrium Building in Quakertown at 127 S. 5th Street, Suite 180, Quakertown, PA 18951. 

To make an appointment with any of the physicians, please call 215-395-8888. For more information, visit

PHOTO CAP: From left, Robert Kelly, DO, David Qu, MD, and Doug Gugger, MD.