by June Portnoy

Centertec, located in the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, is one of very few virtual reality (VR) entertainment centers in the world, one of the first of its kind in the world, and the first centertec to open its doors.

Within its 6,600 square feet, fantasy becomes reality, and your imagination comes to life.

“Even though you are in a mall, the VR headset you wear affects your perception so your brain thinks you are actually in a different world where everything around you appears real,” says Daniel Taylor, centertec Co-Founder. “We offer 90 different experiences for all ages.”

While using the racecar simulator, you’re not pretending to race; you literally become part of a race, driving through your choice of 90 different racecourses worldwide, competing with other racecar drivers at centertec.

Starting in March, you can compete in racecar tournaments. Each winner will receive a three-month membership to centertec, and the top six winners will compete for a grand prize at the end of 2017.

Younger kids enjoy different experiences, like Minecraft where they build an entire world that they can enter. This age group also loves the Adventure Games, like the Far Lands Adventure where a happy alien tours them through a strange planet showing them a variety of animals and flowers.

If you’re artistic, try Tilt Brush, enabling you to paint with traditional paint colors, as well as with fire and snow. Instead of a canvas, paint in the air where your images appears around you. Paint a room and walk inside it or step inside a painting you created.

One of the most popular games is “Job Simulator” where kids become an auto mechanic, short order cook or an office employee.

“Kids spend hours playing this game doing what they can’t do in real life, like putting pizzas as wheels instead of tires or throwing staplers around an office cubicle,” says Daniel.

If you enjoy being terrified, play the Zombie Game where you will be hunted down by “zombies.”

Adults especially enjoy visiting just about anywhere in the world. Walk on the moon, swim under water to see the Great Barrier Reef or ride a gondola in Venice.

“You’re not limited by distance here because you fly to whatever attractions you want to see within seconds,” explains Daniel. “After an hour of this simulated experience, you’ll truly feel like you visited these places.”

Other favorites include joining Paul McCartney on stage during a live concert and walking through the human body to see its structure and inner workings up close. Centertec adds new games and experiences every day.

As a result, Centertec has become the “go to” place for birthday parties where you can select your guests’ VR games and experiences. Reservations book up quickly, so call as early as possible to schedule your party.

Coming soon, Centertec will sponsor eSports tournaments for qualifying events at its center. It will also house a huge arena where spectators can cheer on eSports professionals participating in live-streamed video game tournaments on a movie-sized screen.

According to Daniel, eSports has become the fastest growing sport in the world. With the demand for VR social gaming and eSports, Centertec will be offering franchise opportunities beginning in June.

Stop by Centertec for an hour to create your own virtual reality for just $30. You’ll be amazed how quickly that hour goes by.

To avoid a wait, book your reservation on Centertec’s website at Individual and family memberships are also available.

Centertec is located on the bottom level of the Oxford Valley Mall, across from the Disney Store.

PHOTO CAP: Centertec patrons test drive the racecar simulator.