Elementary students gain confidence in a foreign language

The Bucks County World Language Academy (BCWLA) is now entering its fifth successful year. It is a student-centered, before or after-school program, offering experiences that promote the development of foreign language fluency.

Starting in 2013 with two locations (Kutz Elementary and Linden Elementary), the BCWLA quickly expanded into several schools offering children the opportunity to learn Spanish. Its teachers are highly professional, experienced educators who are native speakers from all over the world.

Children begin classes with 90% immersion, and participate in activities, which build their vocabulary, speech patterns and communication abilities.

As children explore a second language, they cultivate awareness, curiosity, and appreciation for world cultures, which in turn enhances learning in all disciplines.

As a result of their participation in the BCWLA, learners gain enrichment opportunities well beyond that of a traditional foreign language program. 

One parent, whose daughter is in her second year with the BCWLA, shared the following: “Because she [my daughter] is receiving instruction from native speakers, her pronunciation is very good and fluid. I especially noticed this on a recent family vacation to the Caribbean. Although timid, she summoned the courage to ask for things in Spanish, which was great to see. Much of the research on acquiring a second language supports the benefits to a child’s cognitive development when the child is exposed and taught at a young age. My hope is that whether she continues toward a path of fluency or not, stimulating this area of curiosity and development will help plant a seed that will serve her well in her future endeavors. I am happy that my daughter is receiving instruction through this program and hope it will continue to grow and expand in the years ahead.”

Classes are held on-site at local elementary schools, three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), one hour per day from early September to early June. 

Early registration for 2017-18 classes begins this spring. The BCWLA is also surveying families’ interests for a fun and motivating Spanish Summer Camp!

Sessions would run this summer, August 14th – 18th and/or August 21st – 25th at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Doylestown. For more information on the BCWLA classes or summer program, visit their website or contact them at For additional information, e-mail or call 267-384-3108.

PHOTO CAP: Students at Cold Spring Elementary site meet after school for Spanish.