Reach Out Foundation of Bucks County

Reach Out Foundation of Bucks County, located in Penndel, was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1995.

It evolved from peer support groups that were meeting in church basements and in members’ living rooms. It has now flourished for over two decades, serving thousands of people through peer-to-peer support groups, special events, and social activities.

Their mission is to provide a safe and accepting environment for people with behavioral health and/or addiction disorders. Their doors are open six days and evenings each week and all of their programs are provided free of charge to everyone. There is no need for a doctor’s note or health insurance.

Services are provided by trained staff “who have been there, too” and offer a helping hand to those who are struggling. Reach Out welcomes adults of all ages and backgrounds to join them at the only “drop-in center” in the area, and to take part in education, peer support, and in the opportunity to learn how to be empowered to advocate for themselves, suffer less, and live better lives.

Douglas Hicks, Executive Director of Reach Out Foundation and former Lieutenant of the New Jersey Department of Corrections, worked for many years with inmates and saw a successful combination of treatment and support.

“As I observed many who had access to medications and therapies, it was apparent that they were benefiting. People are better able to handle stress and resolve conflict using skills learned in effective therapy. With the right treatment, services, and support, a person can live a happy and productive life,” said Douglas.          

Some of the Peer Support Groups that Reach Out offers include:

Good Morning Reach Out Group – start the day every morning with support that helps throughout the day.

Dual Diagnosis Group – for those living with both addiction and mental health disorders.

Re-Entry Group – for inmates returning home to their families and communities after incarceration and facing the challenges of achieving a successful re-entry into society.

PTSD Group – talk with others who know what you are going through.

Anxiety Group – work toward recovery from anxiety disorders.

Beyond Recovery Poetry Group – imaginative expression through reading and writing.

Creative Groups – work on projects at your own pace, such as arts and crafts, fun and games, music, and movies.

Feel free to contact the Reach Out Foundation of Bucks County at 215-970-5462, or visit their website at

PHOTO CAPS: 1. Douglas Hicks, Executive Director, experienced and compassionate leader committed to serving others.

  1. Sandy Gallant, Program Coordinator, dedicated mental health advocate and support specialist.