Credit Counseling Center

Many people in our community live paycheck to paycheck, bridging the gap between the money they have to spend and the money they need to spend with a credit card.

When the bill comes each month, they pay the minimum, yet the balance continues to increase due to interest payments and fees. It’s a never-ending cycle.

When an emergency arises, and without savings, those costs are incurred on a credit card. And if the credit card is maxed out, then what?

Overextended money woes are more common than you’d think. However, the negative stigma of financial trouble makes this a silent problem that our friends and family suffer quietly, in plain sight.

It’s that stigma that often prevents people from seeking help that would drastically improve their quality of life.

Since 1994, the Credit Counseling Center, a non-profit organization, has helped nearly 41,000 individuals to repay debt, create and manage a household budget, improve credit scores, buy homes or prevent foreclosure, and find financial peace of mind. The expert staff specializes in financial problem solving, consumer credit improvement, debt management, and more.

With offices located throughout Bucks County, and now offering video-based counseling, the Credit Counseling Center makes it easy to work towards improving clients’ financial picture and overall well-being.
Credit Counseling Center programs and services include:

  • Debt Consolidation help stop creditor calls, negotiate lower monthly payments, reduce interest rates, and set up one convenient payment.
  • Credit Report Review – help you understand your credit report and learn to improve your credit score.
  • First Home Buyer Counseling – determine if you are eligible to receive $10,000 in closing cost assistance.
  • Foreclosure Prevention/Loan Modification – provide HUD-approved Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling to help you keep your home.
  • Bucks County Homeowner Mediation Program – work with the Bucks County courts and your lender to guide you through the loan modification process.
  • Bankruptcy Counseling – receive mandated budget and credit counseling.
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling – help determine if reverse mortgage is right for you (available for adults over age 62).
  • Budget Counseling – develop a plan to help ease the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.                             
  • Student Loan Counseling – provide guidance to evaluate student loan repayment options.

Credit Counseling Center is a HUD-approved housing agency, and is approved by Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to provide First-Home Buyer Programs and Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling.

Contact Credit Counseling Center today at 215-348-8003 or visit to schedule your FREE financial coaching session.

Make this the year you’re on the road to financial well-being.