VIP Pharmacy

by June Portnoy

VIP Pharmacy might have moved locations, but it continues to offer that same exceptional customer service to which you’ve become accustomed. You can now patronize this independent pharmacy at 7735 New Falls Road in Levittown.

This is a bigger, brighter store with more available free parking spaces and handicap access. You’ll recognize most of the same employees from its former Fairless Hills store, with one exception.

Tom Danta is the new full-time pharmacist, bringing over 28 years of retail pharmacy experience to VIP Pharmacy. Tom spent some of his career working at the retail pharmacy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, so he not only has extensive experience dealing directly with customers, but he also has a strong background in pediatric pharmacy as well.

In addition to Tom, pharmacy technicians Lisa Chintaman and Ed Awad, and Customer Service Specialist Laura Ralph remain full-time employees, providing customers with the consistency and comfort level of dealing with these same professionals virtually every time you need assistance.

According to Tom, there’s a good reason this pharmacy is named “VIP” Pharmacy.

“To us, every customer is indeed a Very Important Person, and we will do whatever we can to promote the feeling that each person is very important to us,” explains Tom. “What makes us stand out is that we strive to make ourselves available to our ‘guests,’ and I use the term, ‘guests’ because that is how we treat our customers.

“We offer a unique level of customer and patient care, something not in great supply at many of the big chain pharmacies.

“Also, we take the time to get to know our patients and to establish a level of trust and understanding, so we can go that extra mile to offer the highest level of healthcare.”

Specifically, patients benefit by coming to VIP Pharmacy for the individual attention they receive from the entire staff. The staff feels empowered and engaged to want to help patients and customers. In addition, Tom will always make time to answer questions, make recommendations and offer suggestions. From pediatrics to geriatrics, and every age in between, this staff does whatever it can to get patients whatever they need to accommodate their individual healthcare needs.

Being an independent pharmacy, VIP’s staff takes pride in providing a cozy store where customers are greeted as they enter the front door.

“Patients appreciate our friendly, family atmosphere, and are comfortable seeing so many familiar faces each time they come in,” says Tom.

He adds that the VIP staff works hard to be successful in both their customer care and their business. He defines customer care as treating their guests with respect, dignity and honesty.

To Tom, being effective in fulfilling their pharmacy needs means providing customers with accurate, prompt, polite service. In addition to filling prescription medications, VIP Pharmacy carries durable medical supplies, such as wheelchairs, walkers and canes; some specialty products for patients who are arthritic; and a few select items for special needs patients.

Also available are over-the-counter cough and cold remedies, first aid products, school supplies, reading glasses, greeting cards, gift items and an extensive selection of Yankee Candles, plus lots of miscellaneous merchandise.

You can also stop by to purchase a prepackaged snack or a cold drink, and if you’re feeling lucky, buy a Pennsylvania Lottery ticket here. VIP Pharmacy offers free delivery and competitive pricing. Tom says, “We hope that each of our ‘guests’ feels like a ‘V.I.P.’ while shopping with us, so that when they leave, they share that experience with their family and friends.”

If you want to be treated like a V.I.P., have your prescriptions sent to VIP Pharmacy. Feel free to call its staff with any questions at 215-486-7300, or visit for more information.

PHOTO CAP: The staff at VIP Pharmacy from left, Ed Awad, Pharmacy Technician; Lisa Chintaman, Pharmacy Technician; Laura Ralph, Customer Service Specialist; and Tom Danta, Pharmacist.