Newtown Saladworks

    by June Portnoy

    Saladworks in Newtown recently launched a pilot program that was so successful it will serve as the prototype for all future Saladworks’ franchises.

    “This new design, new branding and refreshed menu increased our traffic by 40% to 60%,” says Nish Patel, co-owner of the Newtown Saladworks. “These changes resulted in us breaking our sales record in our already successful restaurant.”

    The Newtown Saladworks was the only one of the 100-plus franchises chosen to test this pilot program.

    “Our corporate office was looking for a market that spoke well to our products,” explains Nish. “We have the ideal target audience with a lunch-driven, daytime population, consisting of schools and local businesses, surrounding our restaurant.”

    Saladworks was completely gutted in order to create its entirely new environment.

    “Our new design has an industrial style that appeals to millennials, the younger audience Saladworks is striving to attract,” says Nish.

    Plus, it now offers free Wi-Fi, along with a Wi-Fi bar with a charging station where customers can power up their phones and laptops.

    “Although the amount of space has remained the same, it feels bigger due to its new open air design,” describes Nish. “We have therefore created a new experience in our original location.”

    Plus, Saladworks now has a warmer feel with more neutral colors, wooden trellises to diffuse light in a natural way, along with brown concrete flooring. More contemporary, millennial-driven music is played to coincide with the restaurant’s new atmosphere.

    “In the past, people would immediately leave after eating here, but with all these changes, customers tend to stay longer,” says Nish. “Students come to eat and do their homework, and business people extend their stay by doing some work while here.”

    Still another change is the additional operational space that enables employees to create salads faster, reducing customers’ wait time. Unlike traditional salad bars at which you walk around choosing ingredients, Saladworks employs friendly, helpful staff that assembles your salad right in front of you, ready to serve.

    This fast, casual-style restaurant offers significantly more choices than most salad bars with five fresh bases and approximately 50 different toppings. All selections are displayed in front of you behind a glass window to help you identify the many varied selections.

    Saladworks continues to provide only the best quality salads made with the freshest ingredients, but has added three new permanent ingredients to its salad bar: Brussels sprouts, goat cheese and butternut squash, each made fresh daily.

    “We have also committed to adding six new salads a year,” says Nish. “We recently introduced our spring fit salad, a spring and kale mix, available until May 15th.

    All salad entrees are just $6.99 every Wednesday. Although salads are obviously the specialty at this restaurant, Saladworks’ menu also includes such favorites as soups, wraps, paninis and sandwiches. Its newest sandwich additions include Avocado BLT, West Coast Turkey, Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad.

    Even before Saladworks’ pivotal pilot test was launched, its Newtown restaurant was on an upward trend after hiring new manager, Martha Sheppard, last year. According to Nish, Martha strives to hire only the most professional, loyal employees who cater to each customer’s requests.

    She is also a firm believer in providing quality food by properly rotating salad ingredients. The prep time for each ingredient is written down to ensure all food is served while it still tastes the best.

    In addition, since coming on board Martha has made it her priority to ensure delivery and catering consistently arrives promptly.

    To experience Saladworks’ new and improved dining experience, visit their Newtown location at the Village at Newtown at 2804 S. Eagle Road. For delivery or catering, call them at 215-860-6511.